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About This Charity

Our Mission

We are an affordable, safe and supportive family facility where children, youth, adults and seniors can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence, leadership and skills for life.

About Our Charity

The Boys and Girls Club of London is fortunate to have The Boys and Girls Club of London Foundation. This organization not only provides extra support for all the various programs and services at the Boys and Girls Club, it also creates special events and fundraising tools to meet larger fundraising goals. By meeting these larger goals, the Foundation is able to help the Boys and Girls Club to continue to grow and provide the programs and services that are needed in the community.

What People Are Saying

"I was shy, but it was easy to make friends at the Club. The kids here are more friendly than the kids at school. When I was fifteen, I started volunteering in the kitchen. Trusting the people that work here helps me trust more at school. It also helps me with my relationship with my Dad and Papa."

— 17 year old male member

"Thank you to the Boys & Girls Club from me & my kids! They had an amazing time at camp. There was a lot of anxiety….your counselors were so great. My kids could not have been more happy & excited to get up in the morning… it gave me a lot of comfort to know they were well taken care of. "

— Becky

"I have been helped with scholarships and career support. I am very happy to be in such an outstanding program and am amazed with how much M.A.P. has done for me."

— Aden, 17 year old M.A.P. (My Action Plan to Education) student