Brandon's Food for Thought Program

Registered Name: Brandon's Food for Thought Breakfast and Snack Program for Kids

Business Number: 853865988RR0001

Brandon's Food for Thought Program Vision:

To ensure students have the opportunity to eat a nutritious breakfast, snack or lunch everyday, be better prepared to learn and that no child should attend school hungry.  Recent statistics show 1 in 5 kids go to school hungry.

To encourage participation from each student in the learning process of nutritional education and healthy lifestyles.

To promote community awareness through our program and encourage community members, volunteers, families and school staff to participate in addressing children going to school hungry.

Our program delivers food and milk to 18 schools in the Brandon & Shilo area every week of the school year.  Last year we fed over 71000 students from K - Grade 12.

We raise funds to deliver our program through grants, events, government, corporations, businesses and individual donations. 

What People Are Saying

"We are able to provide healthy breakfast options to students who don't have access to food on a regular basis at home. The program was delivered in such a way as to decrease the stigma attached to accessing food, particularly with the high school population. Many students used on a daily basis. "

— Grade 9-12 School

"The program is good for our students as it builds a sense of community amongst them. It fills little bellies and puts a big smile on their faces. Allows students to better concentrate on their school work. It also helps with daily attendance."

— K- Grade 8 School

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