Business Number: 890559248RR0001

BWF is a charitable non-profit Foundation, established in 1988, whose objective is to provide funding assistance for projects that preserve, protect, restore, and improve the natural resources of the Grand River and its related bodies of water and adjacent lands within the County of Brant.

We grant funds to projects that:

   - encourage and foster understanding and awareness of the natural and heritage values of the water resources in Brantford and the County of Brant

   - provide public amenities related to such resources and thereby enhance the quality of life in the County, and

   - provide health and recreational programs and facilities related to Brant County’s waterways and adjacent trail systems

Municipalities, Conservation Authorities, Public Utility Commissions and/or Hydro Authorities, Incorporated Non-Profit Organizations, Interest Groups and the Six Nations are eligible to apply for funding assistance.

Through the support and generosity of interested individuals, groups, businesses and industries, the Foundation has the ability to accept monetary, material and property gifts and bequests. Donors can direct their support to specific projects or designate its retention as seed capital to general funds for projects year after year.

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