Brentwood Presbyterian Church


Business Number: 106808363RR0001

Brentwood Presbyterian Church nourishes souls to flourish in the grace of Jesus Christ through worship, learning, fellowship and service.  We gather for Sunday Morning Worship at 10AM on Sundays, then enjoy a light lunch together.  We also gather for Jazz Evensong on Wednesdays at 8PM.  We make our facilities available to the community as The Sanctuary in Brentwood - a Space of Grace for the Arts.  We have a very good grand piano (Pramberger PS-175), a Yamaha Absolute Maple Custom drum kit, a professional sound system, a full range of AV equipment, flexible seating for performances or workshops, and amazing acoustics and ambiance.  We have a growing number of musical programs and welcome donations to help us enhance that connection with the musicking communities who find a home at Brentwood.  For more information on all our activities and testimonials for our performance/workshop space, visit our website. 

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