Bright Eyes Dog Rescue Inc.

Registered Name: Bright Eyes Dog Rescue Inc.

Business Number: 822478715RR0001

Rescue of stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs from communities throughout Saskatchewan particularly the Far North, many in need of immediate veterinary care. Rehabilitation in the homes of dedicated volunteer foster families located in multiple communities throughout Southern SK, our dogs live as part of the family while they are in foster care right up until they move in with their new family. We strive to help with the over population of pets making sure each puppy*, adolescent and adult dog is spayed/neutered.

We are a Saskatchewan Non-Profit Corporation (Entity # 101166798) and a Registered Charity with CRA, our Charitable # is 822478715RR0001

*Spay/Neuter deposit is charged on puppy adoptions and refunded once proof of sterilization at appropriate age is provided.

Bright Eyes Dog Rescue, (or BEDR), was founded in 2010 and have provided foster care and found new forever homes for 2000+ dogs and puppies. 

We are proud to be working with great rescue partners and veterinarians in the Province of Saskatchewan to ensure that all of our dogs receive the necessary medical care they require to prepare them for their future in adoptive homes.  Our loving foster homes provide the TLC most of these dogs have never experienced and prepare them for life in their adoptive homes.

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