BC Civil Liberties Association


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Our Mission

The BC Civil Liberties Association is one of Canada’s leading social and democratic justice not-for-profit organizations. With a mandate that includes work on police accountability, government transparency, voting rights, prisoners’ rights, national security issues and women’s rights, we are one of the most vibrant and visible advocacy groups in Canada.

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About BC Civil Liberties Association

Policy: We have played a major role in advocating for human rights legislation, police accountability reform, access-to-information and privacy legislation, while also resisting the more draconian anti-terrorism provisions.

Litigation: When all else fails, the BCCLA will challenge laws in the courts. We have always fought to preserve freedom of expression in Canada through strategic litigation, such as opposing book bans. We currently have more than 40 cases in progress.

Education: We provide speakers and free publications such as the Privacy Handbook, Rights Talk, The Arrest Handbook, Police Complaints and the Citizenship Handbook. In 2014, we took part in more than 40 free public events, including holding workshops across BC's north.

Advocacy: We provide direct assistance to individuals who have complaints or concerns about civil liberties violations by government, employers, etc. Common areas of work include police and privacy complaints, free speech and anti-oppression. In 2014, we provided direct assistance to more than 2000 people.

If you believe in protecting the rights and freedoms of all Canadians and want to take action on these issues, please become a member or donate today!

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