BC Lymphedema Association [BCLA]

Registered Name: British Columbia Lymphedema Association

Business Number: 828294926RR0001


British Columbians know what Lymphedema is and where to go for resources.   There are an estimated 1 million Canadians living with the disease of  lymphedema. We are working to raise awareness of the condition and provide information.


We are the provincial resource to promote optimal healthy living with lymphedema. The BC Lymphedema Association is here to support people living with lymphedema.  This organization is run by volunteers and exists through the generosity of those who take out memberships and give donations.  

OUR GOALS for 2018

  • BC currently has no medical coverage for treatment of lymphedema, nor any dedicated treatment facility. We advocate on behalf of people and families affected by lymphedema.
  • Breast cancer patients may receive some treatment at one of 2 hospitals in the the lower mainland and may be eligible for two compression sleeves per year. There is no treatment facility nor coverage for compression supplies for any other lymphedema patients. Private massage & physio therapists, trained in manual lymph drainage ( MLD) are available for a fee for service however many people with Lymphedema are unable to work due to the debilitating nature of the disease. With limited income & no extended medical benefits they cannot afford private treatment. 
  • BCLA encourages patients to take an active role in the management of their condition. We arrange workshops & conferences to teach people self management techniques, and continually advocate for recognition & service,  on behalf of those living with the disease.                                                          

What People Are Saying

"You may never know what results come of your action, But if you do nothing there will be no result "

— Mahatma Gandhi

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