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No one starts using drugs with the intention of developing serious long-term problems.

But the fact is, prolonged drug abuse has a harmful effect on every aspect of an individual’s health: physical, mental and emotional. Addiction undermines intimate relationships, breaks up families, destroys careers and ravages financial resources. It is a direct contributor to crime, advanced health issues and homelessness which has a huge financial cost for us all.

Stopping the use of alcohol and/or drugs is just one part of a long and complex recovery process.

Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community & Farm, governed by the BC New Hope Recovery Society, assists men suffering from addiction and disruptions to mental health resulting from addiction an accessible, year-long residential program that presents a unique opportunity for them to regain their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and remove barriers to their long-term health. 

This model supports research that indicates that long-term residential treatment is the most effective because not only does behavioural change take time, the brain needs time to heal; to be functioning, productive citizens, addicts need to acquire skills to get jobs and build and maintain social connections.


At Baldy Hughes, recovery is not only abstinence from alcohol and drugs but also the gradual return to productive citizenship. By using the community as the primary method of support, positive biological, psychological, behavioural and social changes can be brought about within its residents.

The main goal of the activities at Baldy Hughes is the successful preparation of a previously socially outcast individual for full reintegration into society. The program graduate will not only have the social skills to cope with the stresses of normal life but also the vocational training to make a legitimate contribution to society.

Services & Activities

Recovery services offered at Baldy Hughes occur over 12 months and include an intensive 12-step group program, animal husbandry and horticultural farm programs, a culinary program, vocational training, various certifications such as Food Safe and First Aid, intensive counselling, occupational and art therapy, leadership and civic roles, and health and fitness activities, along with support from psychiatric nurses, a psychiatrist, general practitioner, licensed practical nurse and clinical counsellors.

As of June 2018, a total of 1,203 residents have participated in various aspects of community life since operations commenced on December 7th, 2007


The primary goal of a Therapeutic Community is to foster individual change and promote positive growth. This is accomplished by changing an individual’s lifestyle through a community of concerned people working together to help themselves and each other.

What People Are Saying

"“The staff at Baldy provides the structure, resources, counselling and programming to change lives-not just to be sober but to have true recovery, a complete change in how I can live my life. Thank you Baldy Hughes, I will forever be grateful!” "

— Darren, Read More

"“I came to Baldy with a hopeless view of myself and of life. I had no social skills, no self-esteem, full of fear and no concept of sober living or sober fun... My social skills improved, along with my sense of unity and purpose, followed by a much better work ethic.” "

— Alex, Read More

"“…a year later I'm sober with plans to go to university, I have great job opportunities, I have an excellent relationship with my family and friends! I have begun speaking at treatment centres and schools to tell my story and share strength and hope, I want to help others instead of taking.” "

— Bryson

"“In every way possible: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am now happy, peaceful, loving life and excited about my future possibilities.” "

— Robbie, Read More

"“The program has breathed new life into me. It gave me an opportunity to succeed & provided me with time to practice integrating all I had learned. I now feel confident & excited to start a new chapter of my life. I understand serenity & inner peace and am seeing life through a new lens.” "

— Steve, Read More

""When I visited Baldy Hughes earlier this year, I saw first-hand how the program has helped many people who struggle with mental health and addictions onto a better path in their life." "

— The Honourable Terry Lake, BC Minister of Health, Read More

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