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Nigel House Campaign

Campaign Ends March 31, 2020

If someone you loved faced a significant disability from a serious accident, a birth anomaly, or a degenerative disease, what kind of home would you want them to have? For the people who live in Nigel House, they get the care and support they need to live with dignity and independence. But the building itself is old and beyond repair. With your help, we can give Nigel House a new home.


Simply put, Nigel House is beyond its useful life.


Deb first came to Nigel House in 2018 from another site where she had been for a few years. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 15 years earlier, she had spent every day in her bed. On Sundays, she got up to spend a couple hours in her power chair. The rest of the time, she lay in her bed and watched the world via her big-screen TV – and someone else had to use the remote for her because she was not able to manage it herself.

Karen, Manager of Nigel House, visited her and asked her if she would like to move care homes to Nigel House. She did – not without a few lumps and bumps – but two weeks after arriving at her new home, she was on a HandyDART bus with a group of people, going to the Saanich Fair. These days, it’s hard to find Deb in her room.

“I never thought, again in my life, that I would do something like this.” Deb had resigned herself to observing the world via her remote control, but Broadmead Care – and Deb’s courage – changed her entire world. She’s now living as fully as she can, inspiring those around her, and has a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

This is the journey that Broadmead Care, and Nigel House, is on. Through the New Home for Nigel House Campaign, Broadmead Care has been working with key partners to build a new $40 million care home for Nigel House residents. The existing 26-bed building was built in the 1970’s, is beyond its useful life and presents many challenges.

The new Nigel House will be a beautiful space designed to help people live as fully as they can, within their abilities. It will include 41 private rooms, a spacious dining room and reception area, and purpose-built rooms including a therapy gym, hair salon, coffee shop and rooftop garden. The building will also include 37 assisted-living spaces for lower income seniors and 10 affordable housing units.

To learn more visit A New Home for Nigel House Campaign website and our brochure.

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