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Breaking the Isolation of COVID-19

Campaign Ends Sept. 30, 2020

Now more than ever, we need your support for our veterans, seniors, and adults with disabilities at Broadmead Care.


The current COVID-19 crisis is requiring care homes to take exceptional measures in order to protect the very vulnerable people who live with us. While in-person visits are temporarily suspended, at Broadmead Care we are creating alternatives to ensure residents are engaged in meaningful programs and activities that bring joy and wellbeing to their everyday lives.

We need your support to today to ensure our residents are able to stay connected, and to fund multi-sensory environments which supports the safety of our residents and physical distancing while aiding in the prevention of depression and feeling of isolation:

Keep Connected Program: Right now, you can help us connect even more people through our Keep Connected Program. We have a dozen iPads shared between four Care Homes, so loved ones can enjoy video calls with family members and friends. We ask that you consider making a gift to us to support even more connections.

Multi-Sensory Environments: Multi-sensory equipment provides a relaxed atmosphere by using soothing sounds, lighting effects, aromas, tactile experiences, and visual movements. Benefits of this therapeutic and relaxing experience can improve overall health for residents living with cognitive decline or physical limitations.

Expanded Gardening Program: Broadmead Care’s Gardening Program provides an opportunity for residents to share in a favorite pastime while improving socialization through interaction and connection with others. Our expanded Gardening Program will offer wheelchair-accessible garden beds, tools and reaching aids, and will support an overall improved activity level in a creative and engaging environment.


Activity Kits:  Resident Activity Kits offer visual cues that help bring back memories. These memories can be used improve communication by creating conversation starting points. Connection to favourite memories helps provide a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness. Activity Kits cater to an assortment of hobbies such as woodworking, fishing, camping, or travel, by drawing on memories that stimulate the mind and help celebrate the past.


As we navigate together through these challenging times, we find opportunities to live even more deeply our Purpose to build communities where every person can experience wellbeing and happiness. With your generous support, together we will ensure the best care, improved engagement, and a greater sense of joy for the people who call Broadmead Care home.

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