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Food Hampers for Calgarians During COVID-19 Isolation

While Covid-19 may slow the movement within in the sex trade, the abuse of women caught in sexual exploitation is far from being put on hold. 

The Buckspring Foundation’s #NotInMyCity initiative is seeking support for the delivery of food hampers to some of the most vulnerable individuals and families in Calgary through our partnership with the Her Victory Project by Victory Outreach.

In mid-March when agencies were required to close their doors Victory Outreach didn’t skip a beat. They immediately mobilized their staff and volunteer efforts to supply food to their local communities.

In the program's first month, over 1,000 generous food hampers were delivered by volunteers and demand is rising. A support line for clients has also been established and#NotInMyCity collected items for hygeine and food bags for girls on the prostitution stroll.

We are seeking funds to support this project, expand their reach, and establish another location in Bowness, Calgary.

A donation to this campaign will contribute to the costs of:

  • Necessary hamper items that aren’t donated such as milk, fresh produce, and commonly needed pantry items.
  • Bags for packing the food hampers
  • Additional staff including a volunteer coordinator, a food and logistics coordinator, and bookkeeping
  • COVID-19 safety supplies including masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer
  • Rent and a staff coordinator for the new, temporary Bowness site
  • Delivery truck repairs, fuel, and insurance
  • A nominal appreciation for our 40+ volunteer sorters and drivers
  • Additional garbage and recycling collection
  • The new COVID-19 support phone line
  • Additional office expenses (printing, filing, etc).

Victory Outreach notices the unnoticed—the homeless living in cars, abandon houses, or on the streets; the couch-surfers; flophouse residents; those without a piece of identification; and isolated seniors. The clients served by Victory Outreach vary in age from youth to seniors and include individuals with mental disabilities, abused and sexually exploited women, and poverty-stricken families.

COVID-19 has put vulnerable populations at even greater risk by closing the doors of many supports that these communities rely on, causing massive job losses, and escalating stress in homes far beyond a manageable level.  Our goal is to ensure food security to reduce the incredible pressures that these families and individuals face.

Buckspring Foundation/#NotInMyCity is supporting Victory Outreach through the donation of administrative skills such as grant writing, monitoring project progress and funds, and reporting as well as seeking bulk discounts through our many contacts with suppliers.