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Bygone Theatre's Artists' Fund

Registered Name: Bygone Theatre

Business No: 793306895RR0001

Bygone Theatre's Artists' Fund

This is a part of our Diversity & Inclusion Initiative. 100% of these donations go to Artists.

Bygone Theatre's last show was in 2019. Throughout the pandemic, we pressed pause on producing live theatre so that we could develop our company and strengthen our values, preparing to come back bigger and better than ever.

We developed a diversity & accessibility mandate to ensure everyone feels welcome. We committed to the United Nations SDG Action Plan to ensure we are contributing to a sustainable world. And we became a registered charity to ensure that we had the structures in place to grow and support our community.

Now, as we prepare for our next season, we are looking for your help to create a sustainable Fund that will allow us to guarantee our artists fair wages all season long.

This fund will allow us to hire our actors at Equity DOT rates - whether they are union members or not. Combining this with our commitment to improving diversity and inclusion with priority groups (including BIPOC, mad/disabled, LGBTQ2+, and women), we will be putting out a report showing the effect of our commitments and holding ourselves accountable.

We are a small company - we have no operational funding and no salaries; we have learned over 10 years how to generate marketing, press, and create fantastic scenic design for cents on the dollar. We want to put artists first.

$25,000 will allow us to commit to industry standard rates all season - we will commit to reinvesting the profits of every show to top up this fund and provide fair wages for every show after.

In this way, you will help not just Artists today, but those we engage with on future productions.

Any single donation of $5000 will provide one artist's wages, and you will be recognized in a special section of our program and website.


Bygone Theatre's goal is to promote the growth and development of independent theatre in Toronto through production, education and outreach. We produce character-driven stories that are written or set in the early to mid-twentieth century in an attempt to connect audiences to parts of our past that remain relevant and intriguing today. Through education initiatives such as classroom workshops and student matinees, we connect younger generations to pieces of history they are unlikely to encounter elsewhere, while also fostering youth interest and participation in theatre production. Outreach initiatives connect Bygone with other historically focused groups in Toronto, further strengthening our city's cultural heritage. Bygone's commitment to accessible theatre is shown through our use of wheelchair accessible venues; our various ticket discounts for disadvantaged, underserved and minority communities; and inclusion of artists of all skill and experience levels both on and off stage, including training positions for those who are new to a role.

Bygone Theatre is committed to developing a long-term sustainability plan that incorporates a commitment to diversity, equity and accessibility; social responsibility; and environmental stewardship. 

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