BYTE - Empowering Youth Society

Registered Name: BYTE - Empowering Youth Society

Business Number: 867623076RR0001

BYTE is a ‘for youth, by youth’ organization, focused on empowering youth throughout the Yukon and Canada’s north. We travel to northern communities to deliver innovative programming, and host events in Whitehorse that foster creativity, culture and sport. Everything we do is about helping youth to develop confidence, skills, openness and a sense of belonging.

Our mission

Unlocking potential through youth empowerment.

Our Vision

Northern Youth have developed their strengths and skills to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives. Youth are heard and respected in our community.

What People Are Saying

"The most valuable thing I learned was that] you can speak without speaking with your photos."

— Youth from Inuvik, NWT

"[I learned] how to be a leader and what it takes to be one."

— Participant in our Leaders in Training program

"[BYTE workshops are] a good place to express feelings!"

— Youth from Watson Lake, Yukon

"I thought the workshop was absolutely AMAZING! The instructors were super nice and they listed to everyone."

— Youth workshop attendee

"I know now that there are more ways of bullying and how to stick up for myself more."

— Participant in Ending Bullying workshop

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