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Our Mission

At Cadboro Bay United Church we are a faith community with open doors, open hearts, and open minds. As co-creators with the Divine Wisdom we seek to: reach out wholeheartedly to welcome all people; nurture ourselves and others in Body, Mind and Spirit; respond compassionately with discerning hearts; open our minds to all that is possible; live sustainably within the web of life; and transform our lives and our world towards a peaceful and just community. Our values, as inspired by the teachings of Jesus and affirmed by this community, are: integrity, compassion, spiritual groundedness, diversity, connectedness, inclusiveness, generosity of spirit, questioning, and justice. 

About Our Charity

Located on the traditional lands of the Lek'wungen people, we're a neighbourhood church near the sparkling waters of Cadboro Bay, and just down the hill from the University of Victoria. Relationship is at the heart of everything we do. Programs and events that meet the spiritual needs of people of all ages and that reflect diverse needs and passions are offered freely to anyone who walks through our doors. We welcome all questions and readily admit that we don't have all the answers and that's OK.  Art, music, and creative expression of all kinds enable us to express and explore our spirituality, opening hearts and minds to new ways of connecting to the sacred.

We’ve chosen to focus our Justice work in three main areas:

• reconciliation with First Nations

• ending poverty

• healing the Earth

A percentage of all financial donations to CBUC are automatically allotted to justice-making and community projects that support these 3 areas of our mission in the world. 

At CBUC we open doors by partnering with other local and national organizations engaged in creating a community where all are welcomed and valued. Building bridges and pulling together, we have worked with faith communities from other traditions to sponsor refugee families and host community-building events. All our relations!

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