Canadian Association for Equality / Canadian Centre for Men and Families

Registered Name: Canadian Association for Equality

Business Number: 841583719RR0001

The Canadian Association for Equality builds and operates Canadian Centres for Men and Families across the country.

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is a mental health and social service facility that serves as a hub of programs and services for boys, men, fathers and their families. Our vision focuses on three critical areas:

  1. Reduce suicide among men at high-risk through intervention programs that confront the barriers that men face in seeking help.
  2. Empower fathers undergoing separation and divorce through legal clinics and fathering groups that strengthen the father-child relationship, while working to promote positive social attitudes toward fatherhood
  3. Support men who are experiencing domestic abuse and other forms of trauma while working with other agencies to improve services for this population.

What People Are Saying

"Over the years I had grown a lot of resentment and that resentment turned against the world, to the point where it was affecting my work, my health and everybody around me. Since coming to the Centre I’ve opened bonds with my father. If I had not gotten help from CCMF I don’t know where I’d be."

— Dorian, Client

"Parental alienation devastates families. I’ve spoken to young fathers who were suicidal. There’s not much support, other than the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, for fathers who are alienated and trying to rebuild relationships with their kids. "

— George, Client

"As a registered psychologist, I’ve counselled many men dealing with life stress, unexpected change and relationship troubles. CCMF is improving the lives of men/boys and with my donation and support I stand with them in their outreach programs, public awareness events and mental health initiatives."

— Dr. Dan McKinnon

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