Calgary Drug Treatment Court Society (CDTC Society)

Registered Name: Calgary Drug Treatment Court Society

Business Number: 803850916RR0001

We are the treatment program of the Calgary Drug Treatment Court.

  1. Addiction treatment
  2. Changing patterns of thinking that keep people entrenched in a criminal lifestyle
  3. Employment supports, resources and skills development needed to address individuals' specific barriers to success  
  4. Positive citizenship and giving back to the community

Your support helps us change lives, heal families, and open the doors to new opportunities. 

What People Are Saying

"This is exactly what I needed to change me back to the old me, this is what I had been asking God for all this time in to change my life."

— Calgary Drug Treatment Court Graduate

"I'm passionate about this...when I see people who've come from jail cells with little hope, physically and mentally a mess, and then be here on graduation day with their family there, and they've got a job, a place to live a hope in their lives, it renews my passion."

— Assistant Chief Judge James Ogle

"They helped me through when I had nothing, when I was nowhere. I don't think today I'd be clean if it wasn't for drug court. I would've probably died."

— Calgary Drug Treatment Court Graduate

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