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When you’ve got a lot on your plate, let us do the cooking.

We all travel through life under different circumstances. For some of us, the road is smooth and then suddenly becomes rocky, for some of us trying times are stamped on the horizon. The truth is no matter what path we travel we will all experience periods of struggle. But we do not have to do battle alone. Whether it’s an injury, illness, disability, the loss of a loved one, divorce or simply the natural slowing that comes with age, at some point all lives will be touched by hardship. In those moments, Calgary Meal on Wheels exists to provide the comfort of healthy nutritious meals.  We will all face challenging times, but we don’t have to do it on an empty stomach.

What People Are Saying

"My Mom is a client with the Meals on Wheels program. It was her 80th birthday yesterday, she received a basket of care items along with a birthday card from a school child. You are more than a Meals program, you are also one of great thoughtfulness and caring to bring some cheer to people’s days!"

— Family Member of a Client

"...she especially wanted to extend a huge thanks to everyone involved for the lovely flowers they received yesterday. With their ongoing health problems, the meals have been a life saver. They are very happy with the overall meals and service. "

— Calgary Meals on Wheels Client

"Meals on Wheels is important because it provides an essential service. Often people in our society take food for granted and when something happens that takes it away it suddenly can become a huge burden, so knowing that people are looked after is very important. "

— Calgary Meals on Wheels Donor

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