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Seniors Covid-19 Emergency Fund


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Seniors Covid-19 Emergency Fund

Calgary Seniors Covid-19 Emergency Fund As leaders in volunteer mobilization and community outreach, Calgary Seniors has moved quickly to adapt our service delivery to continue to provide critical supports for seniors… the most impacted by this current Covid-19 outbreak.

The Calgary Seniors Covid-19 Emergency Fund will provide:

– Vital financial assistance for low income seniors for items such as food, medications, housing, household supplies and essential services such as transportation when there are no other options.

– The immediate recruitment, screening and training of hundreds of more volunteers who will help provide urgent supports for seniors such as grocery deliveries, care package drop-offs, walking pets, driving seniors to medical appointments etc., which may include support other volunteer driven senior programs in the city.

– Implementation of the new strategies required to reach those seniors who are most at risk and thus ensure they receive much needed social, emotional and practical support during the current state of emergency and the uncertain future it brings.

– Future critical services that will be identified, as the situation continues to change daily.

You can also sign up as a FastTrack Volunteer and help provide urgent assistance such as grocery drop off, care package deliveries, rides, pet walks, etc. visit

We care. We are here. We are responding. We thank you for caring and responding too.