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What if you were hit by a car and nobody stopped to help you?

Countless wild animals are injured every day by their intersection with human activity; caught in barbed wire, electrocuted on power lines, attacked by pets, caught in cruel traps, shot and hit by cares with no-one to help them recover or end their suffering.  We care.  We believe that every life has value and provide a second chance for these animals to live the wild life they were meant to.

The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society runs an accredited wildlife clinic with the goal to rescue, rehabilitate and release—the three R’s of responsible wildlife management.    Every year we receive over 2000 injured or orphaned wild animals and respond to thousands of wildlife-related calls from the public. 

We can continue their care, but only with your help

Our Mission

The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) is dedicated to treating injured and orphaned wildlife. Our end goal is their successful release, healthy and strong back into the wild. We also provide valuable outreach and education services to the community, groups and schools, and engage all of our volunteers in motivational work and skill building experiences.

Our mandate:

- Treat injured and orphaned wildlife for return to their natural habitat.

- Enable volunteers to contribute a community service while acquiring new skills.

- Provide public education through school visits, presentations, displays and lectures.

- Conduct studies into the causes of increasing incidents of wildlife injuries, and the effectiveness of other CWRS programs.

- Increase public awareness and positive public relations for the participants and supporters of this win-win facility.


The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) is a non-profit charitable organization located in N.W. Calgary. We rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife in and around the City of Calgary, and all Southern Alberta regions.

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