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About This Charity

Our Mission

We welcome your support and invite you to join us in taking a stand against family violence and abuse.


DONATIONS LINE: 403-539-5130

The Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter opened as Alberta's first women's emergency shelter in 1974. Each year over 15,000 Calgarians access the many programs and services offered. Over 3600 of our clients are children including more than half of the residents of the Shelter arriving with their mother fleeing abuse.

Most people know our role in providing emergency accommodation for women in need, but today the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter is so much more than a shelter. For most of our clients, a stay at the Shelter is but the first step in a long journey towards a safe, fulfilling, and independent life that we do our best to help them create.

Our fondest wish is that some day our services will no longer be necessary. But until that day comes, we thank you for joining with us to support women, children, and families in need.

About Our Charity

Our Programs:

The Family Violence Helpline, open 24 hours, is often the first line of support for women, children, youth and men reaching out to build lives free of abuse.

The Shelter provides safe and secure accommodation, food, clothing, referral services and counselling for women and children.

Community Crisis Counselors provide support to women and children who are not ready or are unable to access shelter space.

Child and Adolescent Services help children heal from abuse through therapeutic group programs and activities.

Healthy Relationships provides school-based group counselling to youth at risk of developing abusive and/or unhealthy relationships.

The Outreach Program helps women and their families re-establish their lives for up to a year after reaching out for help.

Men's Counselling Service helps abusive men who want to stop hurting those they love. Female partners also receive safety checks, counselling and support.