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Why the CYSF?

Where would our world be without Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)?

There would be no Internet or iPhone. Online purchasing or e-Learning wouldn’t exist. Developing vaccines for viruses such as Ebola or Zika would be nearly impossible. The face of our world, and our daily lives, would be considerably different today.

The Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF) inspires youth to discover their potential in these STEM fields, attracting bright hardworking students to grow their great ideas into initiatives they can take into the larger world.

Discovery starts with the grain of an idea driven by curiosity that when pursued evolves into solving real issues that have meaningful impacts on the world around us.

It's essential that we nurture and encourage these ideas, no matter how big or small.

Because they will very likely one day touch our lives in a very significant way.

Aspiring young scientists, engineers and problem solvers become engaged STEM leaders through encouragement and opportunity.

Students participating in the CYSF have been making science discoveries for over 50 years. Join with our generous CYSF Donors to continue this incredible legacy!

What is the CYSF?

Every April (since 1962!), the CYSF brings together the vivid imaginations of nearly 1,000 Calgary and area students in Grades 5-12 to showcase their ingenuity by participating in the CYSF and wondering how things work.    

Asking why, thinking - what if it was better?

And then applying the scientific method to dig for answers. In collaboration with Calgary and area schools, we provide a fun science fair experience where students:

  • Interact with their peers
  • Explore their interests
  • Grow their knowledge
  • Acquire real life skills such as critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Are acknowledged for thinking, differently
  • Gain greater insights into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math that’s all around them

Through the discovery process, students deepen their realization that they have the ability to make real contributions to improve our world in areas such as:

  • Detoxifying our environment using an innovative sand filter
  • Gaining insights into how human cells function to help improve our health
  • Reducing micro plastics in our waterways
  • Exploring safer travel with a wheel that adapts to changing terrain

The knowledge, friends, mentors and discoveries made along the way become lifelong experiences they'll always remember and carry with them throughout their careers. 

How is the CYSF Done?

The magical science fair formula is a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) combined with:

4 Days in April  +  Nearly 1,000 Grade 5-12 Students  +  Over 700 Science Fair Projects

 +  100 Awards  +  Over 500 Medals +  550 Dedicated Judges +  80 Passionate Volunteers

 +  Generous Sponsors & Donors  +  $200,000 Annual Fundraising Budget

 +  Imagination  +  Ingenuity  +  Innovation

CYSF  +  Amazing Discoveries & Innovations Solving Real World Issues.

What People Are Saying

"The CYSF gave me an opportunity to explore my passion for science and taught me about the importance of innovation. I just founded my first company, MycoRemedy, that is based on research from my science fair projects. It’s crazy to think that it all started with a high school science fair project!"

— Kelcie Miller-Anderson, Founder MycoRemedy, Canada's Top 30 under 30

"I really owe where I am today to the experience I gained with participating in the science fair. The CYSF has absolutely impacted my career and really gave me an appreciation for science, the scientific method, and the desire to explore new ideas and concepts."

— Dr. Breanna Everett, Founder and CEO Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.

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