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Touching 100k hearts: Contribute $20 Once to Complete Our New Temple Construction!


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Touching 100k hearts: Contribute $20 Once to Complete Our New Temple Construction!

Dear Beloved Donor,

Picture a sanctuary where hearts unite in prayer and serenity, where the sage wisdom of elders intertwines with the boundless curiosity of youth, and where the radiant flame of our Hindu cultural heritage illuminates every corner. This is the vision that ignites our spirits, and with your invaluable support, we can turn the ongoing construction of our mandir into a tangible reality.

We come to you, our dear friends and supporters, with a humble appeal. We are reaching out to 100,000 kind souls, each contributing a one-time donation of just $20.00. In the essence of seva (selfless service) and dharma (righteousness), your generosity will be the cornerstone of our shared dream.

Your contribution is not just a financial aid; it is a symbol of our collective commitment to preserving and celebrating our rich cultural legacy. With your help, we will not only complete the construction of this sacred space but also create a hub for spiritual enlightenment and community enrichment.

From hosting sacred rituals and cultural festivities to providing educational programs and outreach initiatives, this sanctuary will be a guiding light for all seekers of inner peace and spiritual growth.

Let us come together to weave a tapestry of devotion, unity, and service. With each brick laid, each prayer whispered, and each dollar donated, we draw nearer to manifesting our vision of a vibrant and inclusive community space.

We warmly invite you to embark on this divine journey with us. Your generosity will touch countless souls and stand as a testament to the resilience of our community's spirit

For more information about this project and how you can contribute, please visit:

Thank you for being the beacon of hope in our journey towards creating a sanctuary of love and light.

From all youths and children of Radha Krishna Mandir & Cultural Centre,  Cambridge Ontario

NB: CanadaHelps will issue tax receipt directly and immediately to donors and also donors have the option select their level of anonymity.