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Founded in 1982 and celebrating 35 years in 2017, Camp Awakening offers summer camp programs that give youth with physical disabilities the opportunity to gain independence, make lasting friendships, develop confidence, and accomplish things that they never thought possible.

Camp Awakening partners with established summer camps offering a wide range of amazing activities and a dedicated accessible cabin. Our summer camp and leadership programs create opportunities for youth with physical disabilities to make friends with other campers just like them and accomplish things that they never thought they could before.  Building on 35 years of experience, Camp Awakening counsellors are great role models and mentors who are skilled at adapting activities to meet each campers’ desire for adventure.

What People Are Saying

"Camp Awakening was such a powerful experience for Shay. It provided an opportunity for our son to be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. Shay can't wait to return next year to reconnect with his new friends and take on more of life's adventures!"

— Liza, Camper Parent, Read More

"Camp Awakening changed her life! She had a spark. A confidence that I knew was in her but it never had the chance to come out. She was able to be herself and not be judged. I cannot thank you enough for opening up the world to my daughter..."

— Lindy, Camper Parent, Read More

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