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Sponsor a student

Outdoor Education Subsidy Fund

Studies have shown that exposure to nature raises test scores, increases creativity, cooperation and self-confidence, as well as enhancing cognitive abilities and improvements to overall health. The best means of fostering these ‘natural’ advantages in our children is to immerse them in natural settings, to provide them with opportunities to explore, to play and to learn about the very life systems which sustain us all.

We strive to provide all students with rich interactions with the natural world. Ecological programming, natural and human history, and stewardship opportunities combined with our outdoor recreational programming (archery, night hikes, games, climbing wall etc.) immerse students, and foster an understanding and love for the outdoors, and for nature, that will endure long into adulthood.

Help us welcome students whose socio-economic situation would deprive them of this opportunity to visit our Outdoor Education Centre. Your donation will help open a world of learning and a shared experience.