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Planting Hope


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Planting Hope

Camp Kawartha is on a mission to help children and youth from low-income backgrounds attend summer camp and outdoor education programs.

For over 100 years, Camp K has helped children and youth learn to care for the Earth and for each other. 

But sadly, this year, we have received more requests for financial aid from financially struggling families than ever before. Parents and schools are experiencing increasing difficulty in providing children with outdoor learning opportunities as the cost of living rises.

That is why we’ve started the Planting Hope Project. Planting Hope will help both children and nature thrive. For every donation sponsoring a disadvantaged child to visit Camp Kawartha, we will plant a tree on Camp grounds to help replenish the forest.

We want children from low-income backgrounds to have an equal opportunity to develop new skills and self-esteem, enjoy healthy, delicious meals, and build lifelong connections. At the same time, we see an urgent need for more native trees to be planted; from apples to oaks, to aspen, to sugar maples, we will replenish the natural tree variety in our forests, while teaching children the immense value of protecting our local ecosystems.

In the words of a parent who benefited from our Subsidy Fund in 2018,

“I am so appreciative of the subsidy that allowed my daughter to take part in Camp Kawartha. As a single parent, I stress about whether or not my girls are going to get the same life experiences and opportunities as other children, and thanks to the Camp, my daughter got an experience I could never have provided her on my own.”

Every $500 donation will sponsor one camper or student and plant one tree, every $1,000 donation will sponsor two campers or students and plant two trees, and every $2,500 donation will sponsor 5 campers or students and plant 5 trees.

Are you ready to help children and nature grow?

It's time to plant some hope!