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Sponsor a child

Summer Camp Subsidy Fund

Research has demonstrated that children are spending ever greater amounts of time indoors, on average spending 7½ hours per day in front of a glowing screen - watching television, glued to computers or gaming systems, tablets or smartphones. An entire generation of children are largely being raised indoors. Summer is a significant window of opportunity to get children out-of-doors.

Children from lower-income families have a lesser likelihood of attending a summer camp. The current economic climate can be challenging for families, and many are just getting by. While we keep our costs as low as possible, summer camp fees are simply out of reach for many children in need.

At Camp Kawartha, as a not-for-profit charity, our mission is to provide camping opportunities for as many children as possible. We reach out to families through a special fund dedicated to sponsoring kids in need. Over 10% of our total camping population receives assistance from this fund.

Help send a child to camp. Your investment will help us to welcome children who otherwise would not be able to participate in the magic of summer camp