Camp Triumph Society

Registered Name: Camp Triumph for Children Affected by Chronic Illness

Business Number: 859072415RR0001

Our Mission

To acknowledge, support and provide an opportunity for children and youth, whose families are affected by chronic illness or disability, by building confidence, positive self-esteem, and helping them to reach their full potential through nurturing qualities of perseverance, respect and understanding.

About Camp Triumph for Children Affected by Chronic Illness

The only program of its kind in Canada, Camp Triumph provides unique and unforgettable experiences for children who have a family member with a chronic illness or disability. A wonderful haven where children aged 7-16 take a break from their challenging lives, campers take part in a dynamic program including physical activity, healthy eating, creative arts, self-esteem boosting, relationship building, and relaxation. Each child has the freedom to be themselves, to grow and to better understand their complicated feelings - something they are not able to do at home.

Illness and disability touches millions of Canadians. Through multiple programs designed to address their unique needs, our ultimate goal is to support and positively influence every child who is struggling with the effects of illness and disability in their families - but we are only scratching the surface. With the support of individuals, businesses, healthcare professionals, charitable organizations, and foundations, we can help millions of children and shape a generation.

Illness of one family member affects the entire family, especially the children. At Camp Triumph, we help kids overcome adversity, conflicting emotions, and anxiety while nurturing resiliency and maturity. Campers enjoy a respite from the stresses of home while developing coping strategies, confidence, and self-esteem. As a result, they learn to put life in perspective and value it more. With the help of our programs, many of our past campers are on their way to becoming leaders the of tomorrow.

“At Camp Triumph, you’re with a group of people who are all different, but we all have one thing in common - we understand each other.” - A CT camper

“Camp Triumph is important because it reminds me that I’m not alone. It provided me with the opportunities and space to grow and reach my full potential. Camp helps me through a lot of the struggles I face even when I’m not here.” - A CT camper

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What People Are Saying

"Mommy I was free. Free from responsibility. Free to laugh and be as loud as he wanted. Free of a world where fun gets sidelined, promises get broken and plans change with every seizure or fall or complication..." "

— A Camp Triumph Parent

"At Camp Triumph, you're with a group of people who are all different, but we have one thing in common - we understand each other."

— A Camp Triumph Camper

"Words can never express the change Camp Triumph brought to my child's life. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my 10 year old became fearful and worried constantly. He felt that his whole world was ending. At camp, he realized he was not alone."

— A Camp Triumph Parent

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