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Home for Every Child

Registered Name: Home for Every Child Adoption Society

Business No: 848475687RR0001

We advocate for children's need for permanent, loving homes. And then we support families to be those forever homes.

Home for Every Child


Home for Every Child exists to see all children in permanent homes. We are passionate about children having families and focus our efforts on advocacy for kids and supporting families to be the needed permanent homes. 

We connect families to existing resources to support their journey and build their capacity within the community. We provide training opportunities, and post-adoption/foster financial assistance so that families can get the supports that they need to thrive. This often looks like:

-training to understand the impacts of childhood trauma-specialized parenting training-support for starting and running support groups-support for starting and running respite groups-grants to access needed assessments for children -grants to access specialized therapies or counselling-grants to access specialized medical devices-adoption grants-other specific post-adoption support grants-support for developing/implementing awareness and engagement events within local communities

We serve as a channel to connect the people who want to make a difference to the children and families who need some support. Whether it is financial giving or getting involved personally, we know that it takes a village to raise a child and we are here to pull that village together!


300 - 1208 PENDER ST W


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