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Canadian Arab Institute (CAI)


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Canadian Arab Institute (CAI)


The Canadian Arab Institute (CAI) is a charitable, national, non-partisan think-and-do-tank that focuses on the issues and interests of the 1 million Canadians of Arab descent.

Founded in 2011, our vision has consistently been an empowered and engaged Canadian Arab community that is thriving in all aspects of Canadian society.

Our mission is articulate the perspective of Arab-Canadians and build their organizational capacity to make an outstanding contribution to Canadian society.

Through research, policy awareness and community development, our team works hard to:

  1. Inform Canadian society about the social, economic, political and cultural aspects of persons of Arab heritage in Canada by providing tools, courses, seminars and workshops;
  2. Celebrate the Canadian Arab community’s achievements and history through events, programs and content that highlight individual and collective success;
  3. Engage and mobilize all segments of the diverse Canadian Arab community through partnerships, civic initiatives and volunteerism in all cultural, economic, social and political aspects of the Canadian society; and
  4. Uplift community members and organizations through professional development and partnerships with a view of creating a ground-breaking impact on the Canadian Arab community in particular and on the society in general.

We value unity, diversity, excellence, empowerment and capacity-building.

Our core strengths and services are in research, advocacy, communications, knowledge mobilization, and community programming.

Since 2011, we have had 3 permanent funds:

  • Policy & Research: for research projects and policy initiatives that aim to help the Arab community in Canada find a stronger sense of belonging in Canada, and raise awareness about our struggles when trying to integrate socially, culturally, economically, and civically. Example - funding a research project about the employment barriers that Arabs are facing in Canada.
  • Community Cultural Development: for capacity building initiatives, where we funnel resources and tools into other smaller Arab and racialized organizations that are starting up across the country in order to help them fulfill their objectives and promote Arab culture. Example - helping a small Arab Culture Club in Nova Scotia organize a Tarab Night in Halifax.
    • Wherever the Need is Highest: helping our operational costs to ensure that we can continue to do the work that matters for the Arab community. Example - covering rent to ensure that CAI has community hubs for Arabs across the country.

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