Food Banks BC


Business Number: 861331130RR0001

Food Banks BC is the Provincial Association of BC’s 100 member food banks.   Together our vision is a hunger-free future for our province and we exist to support, assist and empower food banks.  

Our food banks assist more than 103,000 individuals every month in BC,  and of these 1 of every 3 is a child.  As well our food bank assist with more than 200,000 meals every month.  

Each year we facilitate the delivery of over $4 million dollars of donated food to our food banks across the province, and this includes ‘to the door’ FREE delivery of food to every rural food bank in our province.

As well we run the Food Banks BC Sharing Coupons – a partnership with grocery stores that gets fresh, healthy, perishable food to the hungry. The program raises close to $1 million dollars and 100% of the donation stays with each local food bank too.

Plus, with close to half of our food banks being run solely by volunteers, our education and instruction on topics like food safety, volunteer recruitment, financial best practices, emergency preparedness means that they have the best tools possible to assist people in their own communities.

What People Are Saying

"“One of our client said ‘ I feel like people really care about me when there I healthy food available at the food bank. I don’t feel like a second-class citizen when I come and feel really good about what I am getting.” "

— Hope Food Bank

"“We have about a 90% increase in our products available to our clients. Before we only had space to freeze bread, now we have eggs, cheese, yogurt, and beef. Very exciting” "

— Chase Food Bank

"“Now our recipients can choose from dairy, vegetables and fruits. We also have our new freezer full and have been able to share more meat, eggs, cheese” "

— Cherryville Food Bank

"“Our van has been a blessing, we can now reclaim three times as much perishable food. Thank you Food Banks BC.” "

— Sooke Food Bank

"“Before the grant from Food Banks BC we would say ‘sorry we just don’t have the freezer space.’ Now we can say ‘Thank you very much our clients will love and appreciate the meat, chicken and other frozen product’.” "

— CMS Food Bank in Mill Bay

"“We never received meat donations prior to the grant and our walk-in freezer. Now we are getting meat. Food Banks BC is so amazing and everyone is so grateful for this grant.” "

— Creston Valley Gleaners Food Bank

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