Breast Cancer Support Fund

Registered Name: Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund

Business Number: 836612804RR0001

Breast Cancer Support Fund 

The Breast Cancer Support Fund is a national, volunteer driven charity providing financial support to breast cancer patients who are living in poverty while in treatment.

Who We Help

75% of the patients we support live on less than $25,000 per year.

25% of the patients we support are living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer and many of these women have young children at home.

There are two sides to every story about breast cancer.

For the most part, the story is about pink ribbons and working towards a future where it doesn’t exist. But that ‘s just one side of the story…and it’s not ours.

Ours is a story of breast cancer patients taking on debt to pay for food and shelter and medications - as well as other expenses.

Ours is the all too common story of struggling, not to survive, but to afford to survive.

But, it’s a story were here to change.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund provides short-term financial support for breast cancer patients… so they can focus, simply and solely, on fighting their disease.

What People Are Saying

"Being single and living with these emotional and financial hardships are very overwhelming…the financial support has truly been a blessing and a wonderful reminder that there are people and organizations that do care and want to help.” "

— Ellen, 54 years old, living with metastatic breast cancer for 8 years

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