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Desks, Chairs, & School Repairs

Bridges for Peace is seeking to bring new life to the Levine Elementary School, a very poor school that is in desperate need of repair. Join us in raising $50,000 CAD to do repairs and maintenance, upgrade the facilities and outfit classrooms with tables and chairs. With your help, we can transform the dismal learning environment and give hope to these needy Israeli students.

A mere three decades after establishing a reputation as one of the top academic institutions, the Levine Elementary School is now the poorest school in Beit Shemesh. Up to 90% of the students come from poverty-stricken families, and 75% are Ethiopian. Moreover, since opening its doors in the early 80s, the school’s facilities, grounds and buildings have had no upgrades or renovations, subjecting students to a dismal and desperately deteriorated learning environment instead of one conducive to a bright, productive future.

After receiving little to no funding in four decades, facilities that were once considered state-of-the-art have fallen into complete disarray. The flooring is worn through and ripped apart from years of use. Walls are cracked and peeling. The furniture is dated and rickety. Tables and chairs are dilapidated and falling apart. Even basic necessities are lacking. The overall atmosphere in the once top school is one of decay, gloom and hopelessness. The learning environment in which students once thrived is now anything but optimal to success.

Studies show that the learning environment plays a crucial role in a student’s success. This is not good news for the students of Levine Elementary School. One of the most effective ways to ensure that children break free from the cycle of poverty is education. How can the students at Levine Elementary School enjoy quality education in such a dilapidated learning environment?

We are stepping in to help. Will you give generously today to help halt the cycle of poverty and see these students once again embark on a bright, productive future?

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