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Since 1982, CDBA-NB Inc. has been involved in providing support and services to individuals who are deafblind, deaf and/or blind with associated disabilities and their families throughout New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The NB Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors that volunteer their time and expertise to establish policy and direction for the organization. The day-to-day operation of the organization is developed and supervised by a strong and capable management team, under the direction of the Executive Director. Intervention services are provided by our staff of more than thirty Intervenors.


Mission Statement

The Canadian Deafblind Association - NB Inc. is committed to assisting all persons who are deafblind to achieve, with Intervention, the best quality of life.



CDBA-NB Inc. is an organization that endeavours to:

  • Promote public awareness of deafblindness as a unique disability.

  • Promote the philosophy of Intervention.

  • Work with the government and other agencies to initiate and promote the development of programs designed to provide Intervention for individuals who are deafblind.

  • Promote training in the area of deafblindness and Intervention.

  • Act as a resource in addressing the needs of individuals who are deafblind.


What People Are Saying

"Part 1 of quote: I am the mother of a beautiful young adult, Beth, who was diagnosed Congenital Deafblind Rubella Syndrome. Throughout her life, Beth as been the recipient of direct and indirect services provided by CDBA-NB. "

— Edith McGrath

"Part 2 by Edith: A prime example of CDBA-NB providing direct support is the stimulating annual camp they host. The staff’s creative thinking and unconventional twists allow for full inclusion of all campers. "

— Edith McGrath

"Part 3 by Edith: Their ability to conceptualize problems differently allows them to be proactive and elude potential barriers. This perspective benefits all campers by allowing full participation, along with promoting a harmonious atmosphere, leading to a pleasurable camping experience."

— Edith McGrath

"Vanessa enjoyed being at camp. She was able to move about freely, with and without her wheelchair. Hand over hand participation in craft. Lots of laughing, hugging, listening and joking with others. Was great to see Vanessa getting up, making choices, leading other to her wants. "

— Natasha Wilson

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