Canadian Deafblind Association - BC Chapter (CDBA-BC)

Registered Name: Canadian Deafblind Association - BC Chapter (CDBA-BC)

Business Number: 845415041RR0001

The Canadian Deafblind Association - BC Chapter is a registered not-for-profit organization that is committed to assisting all individuals in BC who are deafblind to achieve, with Intervention, the best quality of life.

CDBA-BC believes that individualized lifelong Intervention is a right for every person who is deafblind and that all individuals who are deafblind should live in a safe, healthy environment and have the self-respect and dignity due every Canadian. CDBA-BC also aims to promote awareness and recognition of Intervention and deafblindness as a unique disability. 

CDBA-BC provides support to children with deafblindness, their families, Intervenors and team members throughout BC, thanks to the generous support of the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Deafblind Intervention Program:

The Deafblind Intervention Program is a program for children and youth, 2 -19 years old, who are deafblind. Through this program, we aim to help children who are deafblind interact more fully with their environment through Intervention. We provide the funds that allow families to hire Intervenors for the school breaks to work with a child who is deafblind. We also support the Intervenors and families as needed. The Deafblind Intervention Program helps to maintain skills acquired during the school year and ensures that participants continue to utilize and practice their communication and social skills and realize the goals established by their parents and school team.

Early Intervention Program:

The Early Intervention Program provides support to families of children ages 0-5 who have been identified as being deafblind. Our consultants meet with families to introduce them to this new world of deafblindness. The Early Intervention Program helps the children to develop their true potential during the crucial time of learning in their early developmental stages. Early Intervention can also eliminate the family’s feelings of social isolation, stress, frustration and helplessness; as well as enhance their knowledge and skills for teaching their child with deafblindness.

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