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Canadian Deafblind Association (National)


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Promoting awareness of deafblindness and intervention. Deafblindness (deaf and blind) is a unique disability due to the dual sensory loss.

Canadian Deafblind Association (National)


Our Mission

To promote and enhance the well-being of people with deafblindness through awareness, education and the provision of support to our chapters, members and community partners.

About Canadian Deafblind Association (National)

The Canadian Deafblind Association (CDBA), formerly Canadian Deafblind and Rubella Association, was formed in 1975 by parents of children with deafblindness. Initially, CDBA was an advocacy organization representing a small group of children born with deafblindness largely from the congenital rubella epidemic.

Deafblindness, a dual sensory loss, is a unique disability. It is not about being deaf or about being blind, but how a combined loss of both vision and hearing impacts the way individuals receive information.

CDBA National believes individualized lifelong intervention is a right for every person with deafblindness. We endeavour to promote education for intervenors and families of individuals with deafblindness.  

Today, CDBA National has chapters in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island and is an active member of the international deafblind community.

Our vision is that all people with deafblindness will live rich meaningful lives.


1860 Appleby Line

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