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The Canadian Film Centre (CFC), celebrating 30 years, is a charitable cultural organization that supports, develops and accelerates the content, careers and companies of Canadian creative and entrepreneurial talent in the screen-based and digital industries. Its uniquely designed programs and initiatives span film, television, screen acting, screen composing and songwriting, and innovative work in the digital media and entertainment technology industries, all of which continue to push boundaries and generate world-class content, products and companies for the global marketplace.

Our driving goals

  • To inspire Canadian content creators and entrepreneurs to go beyond barriers, beyond borders and beyond expectations
  • To empower Canadian creative and entrepreneurial talent
  • To fuel and enrich the Canadian and global screen-based and digital industries with progressive, original and groundbreaking talent, ideas, content, technologies, products and services
  • To create opportunities in our industry for new and diverse voices with global resonance

What sets us apart

  • Program design that encourages creative risk-taking and emphasizes the importance of fusing artistic, creative and entrepreneurial considerations with the realities and demands of today’s digital media and entertainment industries
  • Intensive, practical and hands-on programs guided by experts and industry professionals
  • Tools, skills and relationships for program participants to build successful content, careers and/or companies; more than 92 per cent of CFC’s residents and alumni are working in the screen and digital industries
  • Iterative programming and initiatives that address the changing global marketplace and gaps in the industry
  • Significant economic contributions to the Canadian economy, with substantial human capital and IP effects associated with CFC alumni, including thousands of full-time jobs and millions of dollars in GDP, household income and provincial and federal tax revenue
  • Home of Canada’s only digital entertainment accelerator (CFC Media Lab’s IDEABOOST), with a proven history of accelerating successful digital media startups, products and brands
  • Foster collaborative opportunities for our residents, alumni and media companies to work together

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