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Group/Family Counselling

Registered Name: Baby's Breath / Souffle de bébé

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Group/Family Counselling

We have recently launched a Group/Family Grief Counselling Support Program for families struggling to get the support they need. This program will provide families all across Canada counselling via conference call.  We are currently looking to raise $100,000.00 to help fund this program.

In many communities in Canada there are no specific support systems available for individuals or families that have suffered the loss of a baby or child.  These individuals are faced with debilitating grief and are in need of specific counselling and support.  If not addressed in a timely and professional manor, their grief can result in a mental health crises which then affect everyone around them.

Our Group/Family Grief Counselling project will allow us to pay for a Counsellor who is specifically experienced in the area of grief counselling. $150/hour will be made available to each family for a maximum of 10 hours. Our goal with this program is to ensure all families in Canada that are faced with the horrific loss of a baby or infant are able to access services to help them through their personal grief.  This in turn will help combat the complicated grief, post-traumatic stress and depression these families face.