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Canadian Friends of AVIsrael


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Helping Deaf Children and families.Use of Auditory verbal method of educating deaf children.

Canadian Friends of AVIsrael


Our Mission

The mission of AV Israel is the full inclusion of hearing impaired and profoundly deaf children into normative, mainstream society. Through the use of cutting edge technology and a unique approach to rehabilitation ( auditory-verbal therapy), AV Israel seeks to successfully maximize the communication potential of deaf children and facilitate their total integration into the hearing world.

Introduction: At AV Israel, we believe that every child with hearing loss should have the opportunity to learn to listen and to speak through the auditory channels in order to reach the highest level of functioning and so to become integrated successfully in mainstream society. AV Israel serves as a network for parents of children with hearing loss, offering opportunities to gather and to learn (monthly School for Parents, Chanukah Party, Summer Happening) serving as a center for practical information and advocacy on the rights of children with hearing loss, training and supervising new professionals in the auditory-verbal method, and offering graduates opportunities to gather and to share. All of our graduates are mainstreamed- studying in regular schools, serving in the army and learning in higher education, working in their professions of choice – all contributing to society as equals.

Founded in 1994, AVIsrael is an agent for change on behalf of children with hearing loss in Israel. Over the years, we have focused our activity to meet the growing needs we encounter. Our goal has been and remains to expose every child with hearing loss and his family to the auditory-verbal approach in order to change his/her life forever.


Canadian Friends of AVIsrael is an affiliate organization of AVIsrael, a non profit organization in Israel (founded 1995) which serves families with children who are deaf and their professionals.

Canadian Friends of AVIsrael

-Supports children who are deaf and their families

-Encourages use of state of the art technologies ( cochlear implants, digital hearing aids, assistive FM devices) and auditory rehabilitation in the auditory-verbal approach which teaches these children to listen and to speak

-Believes in educational mainstreaming and integration into the hearing world

-Provides educational and audiological management services in two centers

-Educates and supports parents

-Helps to maximize the potential of children who are deaf


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