Canadian Friends of Fresh and Green Academy Inc.

Registered Name: Canadian Friends of Fresh and Green Academy Inc. / Les Amis Canadiens de l'Acadé

Business Number: 778756882RR0001

Fresh & Green Academy was founded in 2000 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by a teacher named Muday Mitiku. She immediately realized that her community in the neighbourhood of Kotebe needed a place for children that were so poor that they could not spare time from begging on the streets or hiding while their disenfranchised mothers sought to feed them any way they could. So she created a garden space where the children could learn and be nourished with 3 meals a day, where the mothers could learn craft and cooking trades to empower them to feed their family, and where poverty was banished in favour of education and work and love.
Starting in 2008 a group of American flight attendants started a non-profit and with the help of many donors and volunteers grew this kindergarten to a primary school up to Grade 8 with over 250 students each year. And the graduates went on to high school and still come for meals to continue their journey to prosperity through education.
Now, in 2019, Canadian Friends of Fresh and Green Academy Inc. has joined the effort with our own army of volunteers and sponsors to keep a good thing growing.
This donation portal is in invitation to you to join us in giving hope to these eager and deserving children and hard-working mothers: visit the school if you can; become a monthly sponsor, and we will match you with one of our students; or give what you can today because every dollar works towards our goal of graduating more healthy, happy young people with brighter future! 

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