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Venezuela Relief Project.

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Venezuela Relief Project.

Venezuela Relief Project.

In Venezuela people are dying of hunger, there are no medicines for hospitals, many people die due to lack of treatments ... public services have collapsed. Dozens of people died as a result of the power outage crisis in March of this year, many were newborn babies that were dependent on ventilators and other life support machines. There was no power to keep the machines running.

Venezuela, in the past, produced almost four million barrels of oil per day, now it does not reach half a million and most of it is compromised. Fuel is hard to come by. People have to line up for up to three days to fill up. The cars are deteriorating and there are no spare parts because they are very expensive.

People are experiencing dangerous levels of depression and are losing hope. Those that can leave are fleeing to neighbouring countries to try and find jobs to be able to send money back to their families.

At this moment there are almost six million Venezuelans out of the country that has left in the last years. This has created a new refugee crisis, much like what we have seen in Syria and other countries.

What my country is living in is the greatest tragedy a nation can experience. The Venezuelan people had everything and didn’t leave the country. Now they live with the memory of what they have lost, many as refugees in a foreign country.

One way our organization helps alleviate crisis is through “Soup of Love,” a project located in San Fernando de Apure, Venezuela. This project allows us to provide a meal for those experiencing starvation. 42 volunteers are mobilized per month and are able to feed approximately 350 to 400 people per week. Project expenses include ingredients, COVID-19 protective equipment, cooking utensils, and gasoline for travel.

Cost details are listed below: ​

The cost of one bowl of soup is $ 0.11 CAD. Pack of reusable latex gloves (100 units) 26 $ CADAntibacterial gel 640 ml: $ 3.5 CAD.Anti-covid lens typeface shield, $ 1.5 CADKN95 biosafety masks $ 8.5 CAD (10 units). Cleaning detergent, chlorine, disinfectant $ 3 CAD (1 litre).

So, What can we do?

Give: so that people in Venezuela can have access to the basic necessities that we sometimes take for granted. That they are seen, loved and heard.

CGR Team