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Since 1990, Golden Rescue™ has found safe, loving homes for abandoned, unwanted, displaced, and surrendered Golden Retrievers.  Our organization is solely funded by donations and run by more than 500 passionate volunteers and a dedicated volunteer board of directors.  In addition to rescuing Goldens, we also pursue every opportunity to educate the public about responsible pet ownership. 

Goldens who come into our care are thoughtfully placed temporarily with foster families.  While in foster care, Goldens are provided with a comprehensive medical evaluation by one of our veterinary partners, undergo a behaviour assessment, and receive all the necessary medical care, rehabilitation, love, and attention that they need prior to being matched with their forever family.  The matching process to find the right forever family is rigorous to ensure the best possible second chance for our beloved rescues.  Our ultimate hope is that one day Goldens and all pets will not need rescuing, but until that day comes, we will remain steadfast in our resolve to help any Golden in need.

Rescue Mission of Love ~ "Rescue Has No Borders"

Believing that rescue has no borders, since 2016 we have rescued over 500 Goldens from Turkey, Egypt and Mexico, saving them from a brutally harsh life on the street or in over-crowded shelters.  Our mission can only continue if we have the financial resources to pay for transportation (flights) and care costs. Every donation goes directly to helping our Goldens live a better life, far removed from a world of fear, loneliness, and isolation. Our mission is currently ongoing as we continue to rescue Goldens from Istanbul, Cairo and Mexico City, in addition to our extensive ongoing rescue operation in Ontario, Quebec, and other parts of Canada.

Thank you for giving Goldens a second chance!

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Find Out More About This Charity