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Get in the Hearing Loop


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Get in the Hearing Loop

Get in the Hearing Loop is a communication access program of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA).

Through education, advocacy, and consultation services, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) has launched its national campaign “Get in the Hearing Loop”, a national movement to promote communication access and support a barrier-free Canada, one loop at a time. We hope to change public spaces — and lives! — by sharing information about hearing loops.

From small spaces such as an information desk or a check-out counter to a stadium or large venue such as a library or church, their use is practically limitless.  Imagine, having important information broadcast right to your hearing device, cutting out the background noise and hearing it clearly, the first time. 

Hearing Loops Provide …

  • Easy, immediate and discreet communication access for people with hearing loss
  • An easy, low-maintenance way for venues to provide communication access technology
  • Hearing access that’s hearing aid compatible and universal
  • A way for venues to comply with the Accessible Canada Act, removing and preventing barriers in federal jurisdiction. Provincial legislation AODA, BC
  • Thriving, inclusive, and hearing-friendly communities for everyone

People who have hearing loss face barriers and challenges in their everyday lives that others don’t understand or even consider.  Simple things like going to the movies, communicating with a bank teller or being at church or a holiday gathering can be really challenging.  

Hearing Loops installed at regularly attended public spaces can reduce barriers and give confidence and autonomy back to the hearing loss community.  This really is potentially life changing and the cost is very reasonable.  There are more than 450 hearing loops installed across Canada, with more coming every month. 

With your financial support, we can bring crystal clear sound to Canadians in so many everyday instances. We have the technology to give them the right to hear in their communities.