Canadian Humanitarian


Business Number: 873029102RR0001

Our Vision

That every child might reach their full potential.

Our Mission

We help disadvantaged children break free from the cycle of poverty. 

Our Philosophy

That all people are equal.

That the opportunity to reach one’s potential is a basic human right.

That poverty can be eradicated.

That by building children - by helping them to grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially, by fulfilling their needs as they gain an education and discover their talents, by giving them the tools to take control of their own futures - they will grow up and change their world.


Our Methodology

The Holistic Child-Centered Network (HCCN) is a comprehensive, educational program that lifts children to a better future. This model has already changed the lives of hundreds of extremely poor children who have broken free from poverty and social exclusion to become fully contributing members of their communities.

About Canadian Humanitarian

Canadian Humanitarian is a charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged children throughout the world. We are dedicated to assisting disadvantaged children, their families and communities break free from the cycle of poverty.

We are currently concentrating our efforts in Ethiopia and Malawi.

Canadian Humanitarian Organization for International Relief was founded in 2003. Since this time the projects that Canadian Humanitarian supports have continued to grow as well as the number of children and families that are benefited. In 2008 Canadian Humanitarian obtained charitable status in the U.S. under the name Kids Hope Ethiopia.

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