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Canadian Kendo Federation

Registered Name: Canadian Kendo Federation / Fédération Kendo du Canada

Business No: 133424457RR0001

Support Kendo Team Canada 2024 as they train towards the 19th World Kendo Championships July 4-7, 2024 in Millan, Italy.

Canadian Kendo Federation


The Canadian Kendo Federation is a registered not-for-profit sports organization and has been a National Amateur Athletic Association for over 25 years. The CKF oversees the three disciplines of Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo and endeavours to nurture the growth of these amateur martial arts across Canada.  Kendo is practiced by young and old students together, defining a community that crosses generations and cultures.

Today, more than ever, we recognize a place and a need for the martial spirit — to be calm in the face of stress; and to have the physical and mental strength to do good for our communities. Whether it’s confronting business challenges in the boardroom or competing with other elite athletes at the World Kendo Championships, instructors and practitioners actively promote these values inherent in the human spirit.

When you support the CKF, you are helping to bring the teaching of martial arts and cultural pride, to our diverse members across Canada. Every dollar you donate goes toward developing our instructors, athletes, and the next generation of leaders. All donations to the CKF are tax deductible for the year the donation is made, and a tax deductible receipt will be provided to all donors.


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