Canadian Language Museum

Registered Name: Canadian Language Museum

Business Number: 828337105RR0001

Our Mission

The Canadian Language Museum was established in 2011 to promote an appreciation of all of the languages spoken in Canada and of their role in the development of this nation. Few countries can match Canada’s rich and varied language heritage, which includes over 60 Indigenous languages from coast to coast, the official languages of French and English and their regional dialects, and the many languages brought by more recent immigrants from around the world. The Canadian Language Museum encourages dialogue on language issues that are central to Canadian society, such as bilingualism, multilingualism, and language endangerment, preservation and revitalization.

About Canadian Language Museum

The Canadian Language Museum’s exhibit space is located in Glendon Gallery on the beautiful Glendon Campus of York University in Toronto. To date, the Canadian Language Museum has created six bilingual (English/French) travelling exhibits: Canadian English, eh?, Speaking the Inuit Way, Le français au Canada, Cree: The People’s Language, A Tapestry of Voices: Celebrating Canada’s Languages and Read Between the Signs: 150 Years of Language in Toronto. These exhibits are shown in rotation in the gallery space and have toured across Canada to universities, libraries, community centres and festivals.

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