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Our Mission

Our mission is to help Canadians affected by epilepsy live a life that is not limited by their condition. Our goal is to develop, through research, innovative therapeutic and preventative strategies to avoid the consequences of epilepsy. We also want to translate these discoveries into applicable therapies for all Canadians. Finally, we want to promote national awareness and educate all Canadians about epilepsy and its consequences with the help of the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance. Our objectives are maintaining our level of excellence in epilepsy research and care by supporting National Priorities. Develop the Canadian version of the International League Against Epilepsy “Out of the Shadows” campaign. Realize a national event on a yearly basis to support epilepsy research and care nationwide. Continue to educate physicians and stakeholders across the country through our biannual CLAE meeting.


The Canadian League Against Epilepsy is an organization of medical and basic sciences professionals counting more than 125 members, including physicians, basic scientists, nurses, neuropsychologists, neuroradiologists, students and other health professionals. Our members are all keen to take advantage of their passions and their knowledge in their respective fields to better respond to various basic needs of the epileptic population, present and future. We also work in collaboration with several organizations such as the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, the American Epilepsy Society and the North American Commission for Epilepsy. We meet at the time of the Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences and every other year at the Canadian League Against Epilepsy meeting. The league members are also in contact on an ongoing basis through our website in order to provide information and exchange views on various topics of current interest on epilepsy.

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