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What's in store for 2019!

This year we have a number of events planned and these include another "Chai Chat," our AGM, "The Story of Vasilka", and the acknowledgement of the 70th year of the story of the Begalci. We also have our on-going Oral History interviews documenting Macedonian stories in Canada.

But first and most important, our event on Saturday April 6, which will combine our AGM and a special film brought to us by the Macedonian Film Festival, presenting the "Story of Vasilka."  This film is a real-life portrait of Vasilka, an 84-year old Macedonian now living in Quebec, chronicling her family’s history as it unfolds alongside the history of Yugoslavia and its people, from Nazi-fascist occupation, Communism, and finally to emigration and difficult integration into Canada. And YES, Vasilka is coming all the way from Quebec for a "Q and A."  

Organizing events, collecting, archiving and displaying our Macedonian treasures is just one aspect of our historical society which cannot be accomplished without volunteers. So please signup to assist us keep our history alive.  As well, our only source of income is membership fees and donations.  So, we appeal to you to become a member, renew your membership for 2019 or make a generous donation!

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