Canadian Optometric Education Trust Fund (COETF)


Business Number: 118834852RR0001

The Canadian Optometric Education Trust Fund (COETF) was established by the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) in 1977. A federally registered charitable organisation, the COETF supports optometric research, education and professional development through unrestricted cash awards to individuals or institutions. Since 1977 the COETF has awarded over two million dollars to qualified applicants.

COETF has greatly improved the quality of vision and eye care services available to the Canadian public. The COETF gives out real money to real projects and the Trust Fund is opening doors for ideas that will resonate throughout the profession. 

Current Fundraiser!! - COETF is raising funds in the memory of Dr. David McKenna. Click on the 'Dr. David McKenna Memorial Fund' link on this page. 

Applying for an award - For details on applying for a COETF award, visit and click on the 'Awards' page. The COETF Awards Committee meets annually in the spring to consider applications. The application deadline for the 2015 Awards Program is February 2, 2015. 

234 Argyle Ave. Ottawa, ON, K1Y 0B7, email:

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