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Canadian Optometric Education Trust Fund (COETF)


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COETF: A vision for the future

Canadian Optometric Education Trust Fund (COETF)


The Canadian Optometric Education Trust Fund (COETF) was established by the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) in 1977. A federally registered charitable organisation, the COETF supports optometric research, education and professional development through unrestricted cash awards to individuals or institutions. Since 1977 the COETF has awarded over two million dollars to qualified applicants.

COETF has greatly improved the quality of vision and eye care services available to the Canadian public. The COETF gives out real money to real projects and the Trust Fund is opening doors for ideas that will resonate throughout the profession. 

Donations can be set up as a one time donation, recurring monthly donation, or recurring annual donations - whatever fits your budget!

Funds include:

2025 for 2025 Campaign: Help us reach 2025 UNIQUE donors by 2025 who each donate a total of $2025.00. These funds will be dedicated towards the annual awards program, the annual Margaret Hansen-Des Groseilliers Leadership Award. 

Dorrie Morrow Memorial Fund: a fund for research grants in the area of children’s vision health to recognize Dr. Morrow’s contributions to the profession; particularly, her passion for children’s vision. Dr. Morrow’s legacy will continue through the provision of financial support to optometric students, new graduates and researchers who demonstrate a similar interest in and commitment to children’s vision.

General Fund: this default fund is dedicated to the annual awards program and annual Margaret Hansen-Des Groseilliers Leadership Award. 

David McKenna Memorial Fund: COETF set up annual David McKenna Scholarships with the École d’optométrie, Université de Montréal ($1500) and the School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of Waterloo ($1500). The criteria for the scholarships were developed as a reflection of David McKenna’s values and interests.  The criteria considered include:

- Academic excellence of 80% - Exhibited leadership skills and community involvement- Any maritime based student will be considered with a preference to those based in PEI.


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