Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)


Business Number: 889125647RR0001

Supporting Healthier and Happier Canadians and Communities

All Canadians should have the opportunity to enjoy the physical, social and mental health benefits of parks and recreation – from a community biking trail to a hockey league for children with a disability to a seniors’ aquatics class to a youth leadership camp to a lunch hour chess club.

As Canada’s national voice for parks and recreation, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) works to ensure every Canadian has access to quality recreation in their communities.  CPRA also addresses the evolving needs of an aging, diversifying and growing population in urban, rural, remote and aboriginal communities – each with their own unique challenges and opportunities.

We believe that parks and recreation have the potential to provide community- driven solutions that can decrease sedentary living & obesity, improve mental and physical health, connect our children to nature, increase productivity, build youth leadership and provide an entry point for new Canadians in their community.

Parks and recreation facilities are not only providing an essential venue for Canadians to be active but they also serve as essential social hubs in communities across Canada.  These spaces and places are essential to community health.

CPRA provides national leadership to promote parks and recreation as a priority in communities across Canada, provides education, tools and programming to recreation practitioners and volunteers in your community and works towards the vision that all Canadians to have access to quality recreation opportunities.

With your generous support, CPRA will build healthier and happier Canadians and Communities.

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