Registered Name: Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief

Business Number: 118835230RR0001


Founded by Canadian doctors in 1984 in response to the famine in Ethiopia, CPAR is a non-profit organization working to build stronger health systems in Sub-Saharan Africa, connecting Canadian doctors and other healthcare professionals, academics and assembled experts with health professionals, vulnerable communities, governments and diverse organizations in Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania.

As local health systems deal with poverty, disease, accidents, epidemics, challenged infrastructure and climate change, CPAR’s ‘made in Canada’ approach is helping to improve health system capacity and improve lives for thousands of families and their communities. Through our programming, CPAR supports the achievement of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development through programming that:

• Improves health systems capacity

• Addresses the determinants of health that may also impact the health of the communities in which we are working (food security and nutrition, clean water, sanitation and hygiene, sustainable livelihoods).

CPAR has field offices and programs in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Tanzania.

Mission and Vision

Mission: CPAR works in partnership with health professionals, vulnerable communities and governments to build health systems capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Vision: Stronger health systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Commitment to Change

For over 35 years, CPAR has made a commitment to long-term change in rural East Africa. CPAR employs a community-centred development approach, working in partnership with African community members to develop initiatives that best address their needs, where they live. We work to improve the quality of their lives, and that of future generations.

What People Are Saying

"You get so much positive reinforcement by the work that is being done, and by the people that you are working with. The feeling I get is why I know it is right, and why I trust CPAR. "

— Dr. Vance Pegado, Read More

"Doing this is good for the soul. I am happy to know that my donation supports women who are predominantly head of the households in Africa"

— Bob and Kathleen Borreson, Read More

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